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Accepted Insurance Plans

One thing to discuss first: it's a common misconception that one must have health insurance in order to see a private physician. Fortunately, that is not true. In this day of sky high insurance policy costs, many are unable to afford exorbitant monthly premiums, or, have purchased a plan with a such a high deductible that they wind up paying cash anyway. In our opinion, these cash patients should not be forced to visit the more expensive urgent cares and hospital emergency departments in order to receive care. Good news: keeping our overhead low allows us to provide excellent care to our cash patients while keeping our charges affordable and less expensive than most local offices. [Source;]

We proudly treat patients and not insurance plans. We are "old school" in that we do not let health plans interfere with the physician-patient relationship. Hence, we do not participate in any HMO (health maintenance organization) plans.   

PPO (Preferred Provider plans) are welcome. We are currently considered "out of network" by some plans, but that is changing. In response to patient requests, we have applied to participate in the major local plans (Blue Shield, Anthem, Healthnet, United Health, and others) and have been accepted by some. Eventually we'll be able to treat these patients with only their co-pays due at the time of visit. In the meantime, please speak with our office to see if we participate in your PPO plan.      

Otherwise, we're considered as "fee for service" for most patients. Simply put, patients are expected to pay at the time of service. In turn, we will initiate the insurance reimbursement process for patients who request this. [Note that while the "out of network" reimbursement rate is a little lower than the "in network" rate, it's almost a wash because there is an office co-pay associated with "in network" visits.]                     

 For a list of our most common office charges, click here. We accept cash, check or credit cards. [Please note that a $5 processing service fee will be added to credit card submissions.]

Brief note about deductibles: these can be confusing. For an quick overview, check out


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