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New Jersey/New York City 2004

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2004 Patient Care Magazine

Board of Editors Meeting

Marriott Marquis Hotel

New York City

This really was a working vacation. Here we work hard to maintain the quality of our journal.

Patient Care Board luncheon

"Mutt & Jeff" - David Rakel MD and myself

Saturday lunch above Times Square

George Washington Bridge

Times Square

Need a cab?

How about a few more?

Trump Place Condominiums

Broadway during the daytime.

Broadway at night.

Click here for mpg of a busy Times Square!

Visits with Family & Friends

My dad still practicing family medicine in Emerson, NJ at age 74!

One of my dad's most famous patients, Richard Nixon.

My mom and me at Bear Mtn Park.

Check out the babe in the upper left corner - that's my mom! Some of you will recognize the company that she's keeping on this page. As many of you know, alas, I did not inherit her singing ability...

Marty (right) and his son, Andy. Marty was best man for my wedding some 20 years ago.

Can't miss a visit with very old friends, Butch & Marie.

Fishmongers don't look any better than this!

Look! New Jersey lobsters have claws!

Bear Mtn Bridge, viewed from Hessian Lake

Hessian Lake at Bear Mtn Park

The beautiful Hudson River Valley, near Peekskill, NY.

I found this picture of my sister, Lori, and myself (circa 1962). You can see just how annoying she was - even back then!